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A Grand Day Out

The ongoing tile project continues apace, but some questions remain.  Why is that one quarry tile not sticking down properly?  What’s with the grouting schedule?  Why does grout, for that matter, get EVERYWHERE? These questions need answers but won’t get them today.

Because we’re going out for the day.

A fine repository of film, tv and games-related exhibits.

Our destination for the day is Bradford, in West Yorkshire, and for part of the morning, we intend to go to the National Media Museum.  It’s been a fair few years since we last went and had our first IMAX experience therein, watching James Cameron’s “Ghosts of the Abyss” in the then new-and-exotic 3D format (this is before the resurgence of 3D in your local multiplex and every other movie getting a 3D makeover, whether it needed it or not).

There could, however, be one or two problems with our planned journey – not the least of which is this minor issue.

Still, there’s no sense in worrying and we will be setting out just as soon as we’ve taken the dogs for their walk and ensured that there is, you know, still a Bradford to go to.


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