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“Max Payne 3” update

Still rocking two shooters, still rocking a faux-film noir voiceover.

Kotaku were at a press preview for March 2012’s “Max Payne 3”would you like to know what they thought?  Arthur Gies also has a “Max Payne 3” piece at Joystiq.  There’s also some stuff at Game Informer.

Guns, guns and guns, you’ll be surprised to learn, are the order of the day.

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Quick Geek News, October 6 2011

Today’s fix of quick nerd news goes something like this –

Slashfilm has an update on the upcoming Universal theme park attraction for the “Transformers” franchise – with the theme park operator dubbing it, as you might expect, “Transformers – The Ride”.  It’s scheduled for a debut in the Singapore park in December of this year and in the Hollywood park in Spring 2012, blending 3D live action footage and animatronic effects.

As long as it doesn't feature John Turturro in a 3D-thong, I'm happy...

There’s a blog for the ride HERE

SFX, meanwhile, have a story about Warner Brothers cash-mountain in-the-waiting, the making of Harry Potter studio tour, which opens its doors from 31 March 2012 – you can book tickets here from 13 October.

Can we get an endlessly replenishing breakfast, too? That would be sweet...

Mrs Rolling Eyeballs is even now F5’ing as though a Hippogriff’s life depended on it.

The dream team of “Iron Man” helmer Jon Favreau, “Star Trek” scribe Roberto Orci and “Robot Chicken” co-creator Seth Green are working on an ABC tv pilot set in an “X-Files”-like division working out of the White House.

I'm always down for a show which recalls "The X-Files"...

I09 pays tribute to Steve Jobs, who died today at the age of 56, after battling liver cancer. He leaves a legacy of innovative and elegant products, from Apple computers to Pixar films, which made technology accessible to a mass audience and created a proud and passionate fan base of Apple geeks the world over.

Making complex technology simpler.

The Guardian, meanwhile, has Apple insiders recalling Apple’s culture and product design focus.  Even the Metal world gets in the act, via Blabbermouth, with the likes of Wes Borland, Fred Durst, Bret Michaels and more recalling the impact that Apple had on them.

File this one under – “I’ll believe it when I see it” – French website, via Eurogamer, reports that Spielberg-produced “Halo” movie to commence shooting in 2012.


Does want?

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Bond 23 – “Skyfall”?

As production continues to advance on the next James Bond movie – it has a release date of October 26th 2012 in the UK – word reaches us that Sony Pictures have perhaps hit on a title for Daniel Craig’s next outing as 007 – how does “Skyfall” grab you?

Will it make any more sense this time around?

Empire reports today that Sony have been an internet domain-buying splurge, snapping up multiple versions of addresses with ‘Skyfall’ in the title.  Why is this significant?  The last time it happened, a similar array of internet addresses appeared online a matter of days before the announcement that “Quantum of Solace” was the title of Bond 22.

(Some wag on the NeoGaf off-topic forum noted that it sounds more like the title of an Activision Bond spin-off game and that’s a fair comment – I was a fan of the most recent “Blood Stone” outing up until this chuffing level, with its unkillable plane boss and missile-spamming shenanigans.

A digital James Bond at the office, yesterday...


I can’t wait to see what Sam Mendes is going to do with this film – he’s not the most immediate choice to helm a Bond installment but I’m intrigued to see what he’s going to do (what say you about the possibility of the director of the last few “Harry Potter” films, David Yates, taking a turn behind the camera?  That I would love to see).


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“Forza Motorsport 4” – reviews power-sliding online

Audi driver, eh? Prepare to be cut off in traffic by somebody unable to indicate properly...

Reviews of Turn 10/Microsoft’s “Forza Motorsport 4” have begun to appear online – there’s one here at Joystiq (who scores it 4 1/2 out of 5), and one over at Eurogamer (they give it 9/10) and a detailed, positive preview at The Sixth Axis.

It’s all sounding quite good, isn’t it? I did have a forty minutes or so on Monday morning on the XBL demo and found it really quite approachable – I’m not a driving game n00b, but neither am I somebody can follow the racing line without a bit of prodding.

Pretty car is pretty. Turn 10 done good.

The game’s out on October 11th just ahead of the 5.2 update for Sony’s competing “Gran Turismo” game.

Two driving games, both alike in “Top Gear” functions and glossy sheen of prettiness.  Wither choice, driving fans?

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