“Forza Motorsport 4” – reviews power-sliding online

Audi driver, eh? Prepare to be cut off in traffic by somebody unable to indicate properly...

Reviews of Turn 10/Microsoft’s “Forza Motorsport 4” have begun to appear online – there’s one here at Joystiq (who scores it 4 1/2 out of 5), and one over at Eurogamer (they give it 9/10) and a detailed, positive preview at The Sixth Axis.

It’s all sounding quite good, isn’t it? I did have a forty minutes or so on Monday morning on the XBL demo and found it really quite approachable – I’m not a driving game n00b, but neither am I somebody can follow the racing line without a bit of prodding.

Pretty car is pretty. Turn 10 done good.

The game’s out on October 11th just ahead of the 5.2 update for Sony’s competing “Gran Turismo” game.

Two driving games, both alike in “Top Gear” functions and glossy sheen of prettiness.  Wither choice, driving fans?

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