“Battlefield 3” single-player verdict at Kotaku. Clue? Not great.

Kotaku be trollin’.  At least that’s the impression that you could get from some of their “Battlefield 3” stories this weekend.


It all looks very impressive…

Kotaku writer Kirk Hamilton played some of the single-player campaign at an Electronic Arts press day and came away somewhat nonplussed by its linearity, some game design shortcomings (translation – ‘it’s too much like “Call of Duty”‘), technical issues with the PC build being played and the sense that the game series’ uniqueness has been sacrificed in an effort to chase the almighty dollar of the “COD” audience.

The game’s single-player aspect is, perhaps unsurprisingly, being treated as a lengthy tutorial for players who want to jump into multi-player and the story’s framing device recalls that of “Call of Duty: Black Ops”.  In an effort to grab some of that audience, it appears that EA and Dice have gone all-out to make them comfortable, which might not please the players who’ve come to expect a certain kind of game under the “Battlefield” banner.

You can check out the game for yourself on October 25th.


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