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Ben Stiller to star in “Rentaghost” movie?

Sometimes the stories just write themselves.

Per a story at Deadline today, Ben Stiller is teaming up with the writers of his successful “Night at the Museum” film series to craft a modern re-telling of the classic (if slightly rubbish) BBC kids show, “Rentaghost”.

Where's my flipping "Mr Benn" movie, studio types?

It’s one of several films on Ben Stiller’s full schedule – a Jon Favreau comedy “Neighbourhood Watch” and a “Zoolander” sequel amongst others – but you can see how this rather creaky and charming old kids show could be brought right up to date.  But spiffy CG effects would rather miss the point – if the Horse in “Rentaghost” isn’t very obviously a pantomime horse with two sweaty background artists toiling away inside, something’s gone rather wrong.

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“Mass Effect 3” multi-player – new info

I posted a story the other day about “Mass Effect 3” and the apparent dipping of its Krogan toe into the muddy intergalactic realms of multi-player.

Wouldn’t you know it? There’s only more info out there on the Inter Webs.

Rather than shoe-horning the “Mass Effect” franchise into some misbegotten, generic Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag-based mode malarkey, BioWare seem to be going the game design route less travelled, with the reveal of a multi-player campaign which can also influence aspects of your single-player Fem Shep play through.

Yes, my FemShep does look like Rachel Weisz. What of it?

Here, let BioWare explain it to you (via your friends and mine at Eurogamer).

There’s an IOS game and Facebook integration, too, but these appear to be optional add-ons rather than a necessity – which will be good cheer to those of us who would rather chew off our own toenails than faff about with social network.

As with every game now in release, there’s the “Project $10”-style online pass to activate with new copies or which must be purchased if you pick up a second-hand copy of the game.

I will now commence a robust programme of Fan Boy squeeing whilst I wait for the game.  It passes the time.

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