Relic dev reflects on “Space Marine” reviews

Over at Joystiq, “Warhammer 40K: Space Marine” producer Andy Lang ponders the mixed reception for developer Relic’s first entry into the console action game market and hints at what might be down the line in a Eurogamer interview.

If you’ve read this blog in recent weeks, you will be no doubt all too aware that I really loved the game and can’t wait to see to more entries in the franchise (subliminal message – make a ‘Space Wolves‘ game, Relic. A ‘Space Wolves’ game is what you want to make).

In which diplomacy fails quite dramatically and things go 'Boom!'

In related news, THQ’s “Warhammer 40K” MMO game, “Dark Millennium” now has a release date according to Joystiq – March 13, 2013.


Well, that gives you enough time to save your pennies, at least.

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