Expect more “Transformers” – with Jason Statham?

Be bored.  Be ever so slightly bored.  Slashfilm are reporting that Hasbro and DreamWorks are getting ready to make a fourth and fifth “Transformers” movie.   The proposed game plan is to film them back to back, as with the likes of the “Matrix” sequels, the “Pirates” films and the proposed sixth and seventh “Fast & Furious” movies.

Because, yes, that kind of scheduling worked so well for Keanu, Johnny and co.  Everybody loved those movies.  Ahem.

He deserves better...

The dread hand of Ehren Krueger is in place to dream up a scenario, Michael Bay is unconfirmed (perhaps the best news to come out of this story) and lovely Jason Statham is mentioned as a possible lead – he’s got NEST commander written all over him, hasn’t he?

I enjoyed the first movie, hated the sequel with a steadfast passion and was eventually somewhat nonplussed by the third film (awesome 3D compositions aside).  I’m not sure that I’m at all bothered by seeing future installments in the series, but it would be cool to see what a new director could bring to the table.

Perhaps Paramount might like to go the non-traditional route and offer a huge gig like this to an unexpected choice?  Fully in the knowledge that he might not want to do it, I’m going to go all blue sky and suggest Joe Cornish for the gig.  Think about it – he would deliver something hopefully more interesting and quirky than we’ve been getting to date.



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