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“Uncharted 3” gets a short film…directed by Ed Zwick

Ed Zwick is a proper director.  He made waves on television in the 1980’s with “Thirtysomething” and graduated to film thereafter.  There’s a chance that you’ve seen his work – his catalogue includes “Glory”, “Courage Under Fire”, “The Last Samurai” and this year’s “Love & Other Drugs”.

So, it is with some surprise today that I read on Empire Online that Zwick has made a short film to help promote Sony’s upcoming PS3 action sequel “Uncharted 3”.

Not because it’s the kind of thing that he should be above – Neil LaBute also did something similar when “Heavy Rain” came out in 2010 – but it is an interesting example of the ways that entertainment is mixing, melding and coming together in intriguing ways.

A darker, more sombre outing for Nathan Drake?

There’s some commentary in the piece about EbertGate – the venerable film critic Roger Ebert had issues with games being perceived as Art and got a volley of righteous internet rage for his troubles – and Zwick is appropriately circumspect in dealing with the issue of gaming – he doesn’t – and games as art – why not?  As he points out, there were misguided souls who used to think of animation as an illegitimate art form and look how misguided that line of thinking looks like now.

So, what are we taking away from this?  Games are attracting interesting people from outside the culture inside to talk about them, Sony have deep pockets (or great relationships with film makers) and “Uncharted 3” is going to rock my proverbial socks off.


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Quick Geek News – Friday 21 October 2011

It’s far too early in the morning (5:51AM, to be precise) to write anything coherent – time for some quick geek news, wouldn’t you say?

All very well - can we have a "Gaunt's Ghosts" movie now, please?

Den of Geek reports that a fourth movie in the “Starship Troopers” universe is on the way.  Rather than going the live action route with this latest direct-to-video offering, the fourth film is going the full CG animation route, akin to the “Roughnecks” cg animated series from the late nineties.

The film is set to focus on Neil Patrick Harris’ scary nazi psychic Carl Jenkins, whose disappearance whilst on a mission spurs the action – I’m pondering whether this means that the project is aimed at an older audience than the original animated series was, as I’m not sure that alien bug mind-reading fascist Übermensch are the stuff of family fun.

Unless your family is different to mine, of course.

This fourth installment is being directed by anime veteran Shinji Aramaki, who recently directed “The Package” in the “Halo Legends” collection.

I’m a bit late to the party on this one, but the insanity is priceless – Harrison Ford has filmed a Japanese commercial for the forthcoming release of Sony and Naughty Dog’s upcoming video game “Uncharted 3”.  Topless Robot has you covered.


Play these games. Worth buying a PS3 for. Trust me.

Harrison Ford.  “Uncharted 3”.  There’s some kind of passing the torch thing going on, but I’m not sure how to process it.

In ‘Why is this happening?’ news, Bryan Singer’s long-gestating “Battlestar Galactica” film is back on the agenda – he intends to be moving forward with it after finishing his “Jack & The Beanstalk” movie.

It probably won't look like this.

This isn’t a ‘Johnny-come-Lately’ effort – Singer was actively developing a “Battlestar” reboot before the celebrated Ron Moore re-boot – but it does seem a little odd.  It’s a bit like developing a modern-day “Sherlock Holmes” tv series after, say, a successful British re-invention of the premise and characters…

Finally, if you’re looking forward, like me, to being traumatised by David Fincher’s upcoming remake of “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, you might be interested in this piece, unearthed by SlashFilm – Super 8-style footage of the bridge accident from the film.

Keep it nerdy, peeps…


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