Oh, Hi there, “Modern Warfare 3” launch trailer…

"MW3" - A veritable license to print money...

Some posts just write themselves.  Activision have released the launch trailer for “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” and Joystiq have it for your perusal here.


Mrs Rolling Eyeballs just viewed it with me and promptly gave it the finger – she’s not a fan of the hyper-violent, uber-patriotic, neo-con action game you’ll be stunned to learn – and I’m not really that into it, either.  It does look like more of the same, certainly in terms of the campaign trailer.  Still, when you sell a gazillion copies each time that you release a new game, why fix what’s very clearly working well for a big audience?

Seriously, Activision, would it kill you to include unicorns with rainbow-shooting RPG mounts in the next one? Wither innovation…



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