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Penn Jillette’s Atheist 10 Commandments

Found here, at NeoGaf and at USA Today.

A magician amongst men. Or something.

And, for the most part, we’re talking common sense:  ‘Do unto others’ isn’t exactly a solely religious strategem by which to live one’s life, and so it appears in Penn Jillette’s list.

When it comes to it, getting along together in the only life that we have shouldn’t be too acutely absurd a notion, yet so many people of religious faith and non-believers want to butt heads when the obvious answer is clear –

Hit it boys!




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Fluffrick is now legal…


So, I only went and passed my driving test today.

I know, I know – there was no rolling thunder in the skies, no portents of the last days, no sudden outbreaks of dogs and cats living together, but nonetheless it actually happened.

I can now cruise the streets of Sheffield unfettered by L-plates, and I can even go places on my own. A big deal to a teenager, but it’s curiously enticing to me too.

That said, this is clearly the worst ideas in the history of bad ideas: now that I can drive, I can drive myself to see so many more bloody awful films at the cinema on my own, so that Mrs Rolling Eyeballs doesn’t have to suffer through them – which, come to think of it, is quite cool for her.

Crappy, 3D horror films here I come!

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‘Hijinks Ensue’ breaks down that Whedon Shakespeare movie…

Well, it had to happen – Joel Watson at Hijinks Ensue has a peak into the mind of geek auteur Joss Whedon, on the occasion of his guerilla Shakespeare project, “Much Ado About Nothing”.

Image of Alexis Denisof & Amy Acker via Entertainment Weekly magazine.

The plan is currently for the film to make the festival route in the early part of 2012 before picking up a cinematic release – it would make an intriguing, ‘compare & contrast’ double bill with fellow Marvel director Kenneth Branagh’s 1993 version, wouldn’t it?


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