Lacuna Coil – “Dark Adrenaline” cover and track listing detailed

Over at, Lacuna Coil have talked a little more about their next record, “Dark Adrenaline” which comes out in Europe at the end of January 2012.

The new Lacuna Coil record. Probably means nothing to me, is kind of a big deal to me...

Singer Cristina Scabbia promises a heavier, more obscure, diverse and career-spanning sound from the record – which makes me wonder whether they’ll really go back to their super-gothic roots with this one. I’ve heard two songs off the record – the single “Trip the Darkness” is understandably at the more accessible end of their catalogue, with massive hooks and crunchy riffs, male-female vocal line trading that I’ve come to love and lyrics which draw from acutely dark themes but never end up being depressing.

A highly recommended live proposition, if they ever come to your town...

I went to Lacuna Coil at Sheffield’s Corporation club last Friday night and can honestly say that if the album is half as good as the live show, fans will be in for a record which won’t polarize the audience as much as the last long player, “Shallow Life”, did.

I liked “Shallow Life” just fine, but the new stuff seemed definitely more straight-ahead, riff-driven and for want of a better term, heavy than the last album – Cristina mockingly chided some in the crowd who shouted in recognition when she introduced new song “Kill the Light” (“I guess you’ve probably already heard this on YouTube”), but at least they care enough to seek it out – imagine the horror of introducing a new song that everybody already knows and nobody wants to hear. Shudder!

Intriguingly, the track-listing on the Blabbermouth story lists “Losing My Religion” as a song on the album – I was unaware that they were covering REM but it’s not as if Lacuna Coil don’t know their way around a decent, alt-rock cover version…


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2 responses to “Lacuna Coil – “Dark Adrenaline” cover and track listing detailed

  1. Do we know for a fact that Losing My Religion is a cover? I would assume it is because that’s too uncommon a song title and too famous a song for it not to be, but I haven’t heard anything.

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