“Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Fenster”

Khan! Or possibly not...

Casting is gearing up for the next J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek” – by offering him the role of main villain in the second installment of his rebooted movie series.

Speculation, of course, logically follows that he might be playing Khan if the series follows the pattern of Paramount’s original movies with the classic “Trek” cast, but that remains to be seen.

Having asked Mrs Rolling Eyeballs if this casting is a good idea – she’s a big “Trek” fan like I’m quite a big “30 Rock” fan – she’s sure that it is and that he’ll be a good bad guy (Eric Bana was fine in the first Abrams “Star Trek”, but he wasn’t really what you would call a bad fella – more a misguided, grief-afflicted guy driven mad and blaming all of the wrong people for the fate of those near and dear to him).

A small request to Abrams and his Bad Robot team – can we have 100% less annoyingly anachronistic usage of Beastie Boys songs to denote rebellion (to an intended audience who don’t remember the Beastie Boys) in the sequel?  Nice one.



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