Rian Johnson’s “Looper” previews – expect greatness…

Rian Johnson has made two of my favourite movies of recent years – the high-school neo-noir “Brick” and the European caper romance, “The Brothers Bloom”.  In wholly unrelated news, the latter film starred Rachel Weisz in one of her best and most unexpected roles, as an eccentric heiress caught up in nefarious goings-on and finding herself quite good at being bad.

Do not trust this woman with an exotic sports car...

Me, enjoying a film with Rachel Weisz in it?  Will wonders never cease, etc.

A gifted film maker on the rise...

Going back to Rian Johnson, as this post is about him, various blogs and press types were quietly invited to a very early screening of his SF/time travel picture “Looper” on Tuesday night in Los Angeles.

It’s not out until later in 2012, but the early reviews suggest an absolute modern classic-in-waiting, of Nolan-esque proportions.

Time for a trailer perhaps, studio folk?


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