Summer Glau, the finest actress you’ve never heard of.

Comic Book Resources has posted an interview with Summer Glau about her role in a new alternate reality game, “The Human Preservation Project”.

Summer Glau, Nerd superstar.

She’s playing a scientist, and judging from the homepage, Terry O’ Quinn appears to be involved, too.  From what I can gather, this appears to be a project linked to Wrigley’s ‘5′ Chewing Gum, which I’m fine with – most of their advertising seems to have some vague SF tinge, and who better to cast in your alternate reality game than two genre leading lights?

I may be biased in this, coming from a home which worships Joss Whedon alumni like Ms Glau, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day far in proportion to their actual popularity amongst the mainstream audience – though Nathan Fillion may be the exception to this, what with the popularity of his ABC tv series “Castle”.

Alternate Reality Games are great – in theory.  My enthusiasm for them wanes somewhat at the point where you are prompted to add a mobile phone numbers to proceedings and receive text or voice messages as part of the play experience.

Fancy getting a call at two in the morning which freaks you out royally, only to realise that it’s part of the ARG you half-remember signing up to?  No, me neither.


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