“Resident Evil – Retribution” set pics. And some rambling digressions.

Regular viewers of this blog will be wearily aware of my unaccountable love for the “Resident Evil” movies and the undeniable awesomeness of their star, Milla Jovovich.

I know that this series of films is not great, in the great pantheon of cinematic achievement.  You probably know that they’re not great, with that feeling of dismissal very possibly increasing in direct proportion to your love of Capcom’s originating sequence of Survival Horror video games.

Ah, the good old days - when polygons were pronounced and DLC didn't exist...


Other than a brief and – as I recall – terrifying sojourn with the first game on the original PlayStation, I’ve not filled my boots with a “Resi” game and I’ll be honest by telling you that I don’t think that I’ve been missing anything other than the distinct knowledge that “Resident Evil 4” is supposed to be the (Zombie) Dog’s Bobbins.

So, the new “Resident Evil: Retribution” set pictures that this post so teasingly promises?

Is there some kind of uniform policy for heroines of this mid-budget, Sci-Fi actioners?

There’s also this one – which is more in line with what you might expect from this franchise, what with Jovovich’s heroine Alice toting a gun larger than her head…

PVC, goth boots, heavy weapons - why Judi Dench doesn't do one of these movies is anyone's guess...

One thing which has been bemusing me lately is the uniform fashion choices offered to the heroines of movies like the “Resi” series, the “Underworld” movies and this year’s “Priest”.

Yep, not a pic from the new "Resi". But you could be forgiven for making that mistake.

If you happen to find yourself front-and-centre in one of these SF/Horror/Action hybrids, it appears that your character will have a wholly limited and really quite predictable wardrobe of neo-warrior fashions to choose from – you can’t beat the snot out of the undead in a mid-budget, genre film for a studio diffusion brand like Screen Gems unless you’re a petite brunette in PVC with a choppy bob.

It’s like there’s a law, or something.

Maggie Q in "Priest". Not an image from a "Resident Evil" movie. Trust me on this.

(I’m aware that this post, in some small way, actually perpetuates this gender divide by dint of employing the pictures that I have done – this is a ‘have your cake and eat it’ kind of blog entry and no mistake).

It’s as though the movie establishment gives and then extracts those small freedoms in the same gesture.  Yes, you can have your own, reasonably lucrative film franchise, with a signature character and do your bit to provide a vaguely positive, post-“Buffy”, post-Sarah Connor pop cultural role model for young women who don’t really get that many to choose from.

No, you can’t wear anything vaguely sensible to mop the floor with beasties, ghouls and daemons.  It’s impractical PVC, absurd latex fetish wear or leather-look attire all the way:  No baggy hoodies, flat shoes or flattering denim for you, Modern Missy.  There’s probably some half-hearted justification here about the garb in these movies being body armour or the like, but I’m not buying that and I doubt that you are either.

You can see if “Underworld: Awakening” does anything to advance the cause of the sisterhood in January 2012, “Resident Evil: Retribution” is out in September 2012 and you can rent “Priest” on DVD and Blu-Ray now.

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