Next Xbox at CES in January 2012?

Rumours of a new Xbox won’t go away – it feels about the right time for a new console generation, even if (whisper it quietly) many of us are perfectly happy with what we’ve got, thank you very much Mr Microsoft and Mr Sony.

This is what happens whilst you're out at work...

Eurogamer today report on the possibility of a new Microsoft console – via a story on Edge magazine’s site – tipping its hat as early as the end of 2012, with gossip swirling about a behind-closed-doors debut at January’s Consumer Electronics Show in the States.

Accelerated timeline, much?

Personally, I’m happy with what I’ve got and I don’t feel a pressing need to start saving for a new box – and as so often stated, Sony really don’t want to be pressured into releasing a new machine much before the end of 2014.

Is this the first generation where the gamers are mostly keen for there not to be a new hardware arms race?

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