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Pixar’s “Brave” trailer strides nobly across the interwebs…

More Pixar genius or "Mulan" with a gentle Scots burr?

For most of the time, I love Pixar – let us not speak of the wretched “Cars” series and all will be well – and I find myself very much cheered by the first full trailer for 2012’s offering from the House that Lasseter built, Scottish-set adventure, “Brave”.

Great voice talent (Kelly McDonald, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson, Julie Walters, Craig Ferguson)  behind the scenes, a fine Scots setting and a tantalising hint of fantasy-based adventure (seemingly utilising the mythology approach which so well served DreamWorks Animation’s How To Make A Perfect Movie How To Train Your Dragon”) the latter point being of the highest note, as Pixar doing Fantasy/Sci-Fi is very much my bag of premium quality, Etruscan Sea Salt and Moroccan Vinegar flavoured crisps.

The aforementioned automotive atrocities aside, Pixar haven’t really put a dainty sized 8 wrong for me during the last fifteen or so years – let’s hope that “Brave” continues their winning streak.  Yes, the beats in the trailer seem to be selling me “Mulan” with a Highlands accent and appear to riff on the whole proto-Feminist-but-not-too-feminist messaging that a lot of Disney-affiliated flicks like to trot out, but I’m still going to keep this movie on my radar.


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Some notes on David Yates’ “Doctor Who” movie…

Ever since it was announced the other day – causing regrettably vocal sections of the internet to go into full, petition-starting meltdown – the prospect of a “Doctor Who” film directed by David Yates has been near the front page and key to the discussion on most nerd-centric websites.

Not to be uncharitable, but I imagine the thought process of most negative posters on forums and in comments sections goes something like this – “It’s a terrible idea!  How dare Americans conduct a cultural smash-and-grab on one of our favourite Sci-Fi heroes! Furthermore, if you just examine my seventeen-volume collection of fan-fiction, you will see that only I am capable of successfully rebooting this franchise with my hitherto unheralded genius”.

Let’s see whether this project goes beyond being fodder for fevered blog posts and traffic-grabbing news stories before writing off the project before a word of the first screenplay draft has been written –  at this point, there are so many steps for this film to travel along before I’m writing a fevered blog post about the first trailer for the actual film.

That said – let’s get to casting this mother.

As the Doctor, I will accept no substitute.

Greatest. Living. Englishman.

Eccentricity? Yes. Have seen him?  Laughs? He makes me chortle like a loon.  Emotional range?  He can break your heart with a single, well-timed pause and a low-key line delivery.  There’s life and a tangible thought process going on behind his eyes and he’s an actor who appears to have lived life – he’s definitely not a substance-free leading ‘man’ and as we’ve had a couple of Doctors in the TV series who have skewed younger in age, it might be time for a Doctor who’s slightly older?

Additional, not-to-be-overlooked advantage – he’s worked regularly with project mainstay David Yates in the “Harry Potter” films, as Ministry of Magic head Rufus Scrimgeour.

I’m inclined to veer towards somebody with looks and acting chops as a companion – if, indeed, that is the format with which Yates proceeds.  I mean, we might not see such traditions being adhered to if the director is as good as his word and goes back to code, not focussing so much on the demands of established canon and choosing to create a new world to draw stories from.

So, if we do have a companion, I’m going to suggest…

Serious, funny, rather delightful - very British. Yep, she's a keeper.

That’s Hayley Atwell, who you might have seen in this summer’s “Captain America – The First Avenger”, the recent cinematic adaptation of “Brideshead Revisited” and Woody Allen’s “Cassandra’s Dream”  or her roles in TV series such as “The Pillars of the Earth” and “The Prisoner”.

She’s done franchise work, she’s done more cerebral fare – she’s funny, refreshingly not a stick-thin every-Blonde and has an undeniable but oddly relateable poshness which might well endear her to some American fans.

Not sniffy about genre, unapologetically bright and a dog lover:  I may be biased, but she makes my list.

Of course the fun of writing a post like this is looking back on it in a few months and finding out that you were completely wrong and that somebody you could never have thought of in a million years has been cast in the film:

Had to use this pic - thanks, Google Image search!

Coming soon – Alan Carr is the Doctor in “Carry On Who!”

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