New “Prometheus” stills online.

So, Ridley Scott’s returning to Sci-Fi in 2012 with “Prometheus”, making a film kind-of, sort-of, maybe perhaps set in the “Alien” universe or sharing some sort of as-yet-undefined DNA with his classic 1979 chiller.

Behold! A dude! Carrying a case! Possibly in space!

In keeping with a lot of major SF event movies, the film has been made under a veil of secrecy and few concrete details have leaked into the wild.

We’ve got human explorers in space, mysterious alien planets, crashed ships of unknown provenance and some kind of last act shenanigans which apparently ties things into the events of “Alien” and beyond that it’s anybody’s guess.

Entertainment Weekly‘s new issue has a bunch of stills from the film – you can check them out via Den of Geek today.

The best thing about this is that I’m sure it’s the first salvo in the ramping up of the publicity campaign and I’m damn sure that we’ll be seeing a teaser for trailer for this film by the end of the year.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see something in a couple of days, to be honest.  Can’t. Wait.


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