That new “Doctor Who” movie? Cease your worrying…

Everything's cool. Like bow ties.

Perhaps seeking to calm the nerves of the great Whovian hive mind (Recently set a-wittering by the prospect of a big-screen outing for the Galloping Gallifreyan), current “Who” honcho Steven Moffat has reassured us via the Twitters that everything’s going to be OK.

No, the film won’t reboot the TV series and ignore what has gone before – it’s going to be part of the “Who” canon.  The actor playing the role on TV will play the Doctor in any film version – but will that still be Matt Smith by that point?

Imagine his slightly bemused features on a big screen. Fairly warms the cockles, doesn't it?

The cynical side of me still expects the film project to stall at some stage and rob us of the chance to enjoy some big screen “Who” adventures, but positivity rules in this bit of the blogosphere, so let’s look forward to seeing what the 50th anniversary of the show (and the years beyond) brings us, eh?

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