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“Doctor Who” Christmas special – prequel goodness within

As is now the done thing seemingly, the BBC have posted a prequel to this year’s Christmas special online.

The good Doctor and friend, sensible woodland attire optional.

It runs for a minute and 31 seconds and is definitely worth a look if you like things that are A) excellent, B) star Matt Smith and C) are excellent and star Matt Smith.

It’s viewable on the BBC’s website here¬†or via Topless Robot, if you’re in parts elsewhere which don’t have a TV license.


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“Transformers 4”, Latvian art house cinema nil.

Another day at the office...

In news calculated to cheer the hearts of every salesman in every Ferrari dealership in California, “Transformers” director Michael Bay is close to signing on to direct a fourth movie in the franchise for Paramount.

Fans of tight close-ups on Supermodel butts and respected character actors turning up and cashing their cheques will be delighted to know that work on the film is intended to start towards the end of 2012, after Bay completes work on his long-gestating, bloody true crime pic “Pain & Gain” – which now stars Dwayne Johnson, per Empire’s story on the matter.

The idea of Bay working on a small-scale is interesting – he’s now synonymous with the kind of summer movies which routinely cost $200 million and change – but I don’t see him staying away from the popcorn fare which has made his name for too long.

Another “Transformers” movie isn’t exactly what I need to be seeing any time soon – would it be too much to hope that Shia LaBeouf has decided that it’s time to move on, even if his director hasn’t?


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