New “Doctor Who” game on Sony’s PS3 and Vita

It's a game, it's due in 2012, that's as much as I know...

We’ve already had – in the UK at least – a series of free-to-download “Doctor Who” PC titles which have been mostly well-received.  Not cutting edge tech, but fun and accessible adventure titles which manage to be slightly retro and have the cachet of boasting Matt Smith and Karen Gillan voice-over work.

Today’s news, that the BBC and developer SuperMassive Games will be releasing “Doctor Who – The Eternity Clock” on PC, PS3 and Vita in 2012, brings with it a few questions.

1) Why no Xbox 360 release?  As this is going to be a download title, why not release it on XBLA, too?  Have the BBC suddenly become unaccountably terrified of money?

2) Game play seems to be puzzle-based, with events in one time line affecting different areas of the game.  I’m getting dread flashbacks to original Xbox launch title “Blinx – The Time Sweeper”.  Anybody?

3) I’m fascinated to know how the devs are going to tackle the whole ‘The Doctor doesn’t kill anybody’ issue in a video game.  Not that this is the only framework for progression in a game, but it does make me wonder where things are going to go – dare I hope for an “Uncharted”-style action-puzzler without the protagonist sociopathically wiping out people left, right and centre?

River Song. Foxy even in cartoon form.

4) If Alex Kingston is doing a voice over as River Song, am I going to be able to concentrate long enough to finish this game?  All signs point to no..

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