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Trailered – “G.I. Joe – Retaliation”

The wags out there might think that the “G.I. Joe” sequel’s subtitle refers to the terrible revenge that most viewers of the first instalment would like to wreak on the film-makers who took a can’t-miss dumb action movie premise and made it almost unwatchable.

Hey - it's Mr The Rock! He'll save us from excessive amounts of Channing Tatum!

I’d like to say that too but I’m far too nice to do so.

Money shot, anybody?

This trailer, to be honest, makes it look almost watchable but as I was burned by the first movie I’m not sure that I’ll be bothering to see it next summer.

Nope, nothing phallic in this image at all. Everybody move along...nothing to see here...

Go take a look for yourself on YouTube.

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Fluffrick is off the grid…

Horns? Bum-fluff moustache? Inappropriate shorts? I miss the 80s.

I am sorry to announce an interruption in my regular schedule of mild snark, video game ramblings and filmic frippery but needs must – my normal blogging time on Tuesday evening is going to be taken up almost entirely by this delightful affair.

I’ll be sure to let you know how my intersection with the Glam Metal Gods went – in the meantime, I suppose a rock’s out of the question?

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