Rory and Amy’s big adventure comes to an end?

All good things come to an end...

With a canny showman’s eye for maximizing press and keeping his show in the zeitgeist, “Doctor Who” executive producer Steven Moffat yesterday set the interwebs ablaze by teasing –

(1) That there were no planned two-part stories in next autumn’s “Doctor Who” episodes – everything currently in the works is planned as a stand-alone story.

(2) That the next season will see Rory and Amy’s story come to an end in a ‘heartbreaking way’.

I can get behind the first reveal – even the most devout fan of new Who might well feel that the focus of storytelling can be stretched to breaking point across two episodes, with the first episode’s impact occasionally being undone by a weaker second part.  Short, punchy, forty-five minute tales is the way to go for me – whether this also means less background continuity being woven through the fabric of the episodes is another matter for another time (I suspect that’s one storytelling temptation which the Moff can’t resist).

Amy and her Roman

As for the second part of Moffat’s statement, I don’t know what to think.  It’s probably about time that we saw the Doctor moving along with somebody new and it would be a tad unrealistic to expect the Pond-Williams’ to be tagging along in the Tardis forever.  That said, I’ve really loved Amy and Rory’s tenure on the series and will be quite sad to see the back of bolshie, gangly Scots lass and her nice young man.

Being a fan of Joss Whedon, I’m used to having characters suffering heartbreaking losses and being undone by tragedy – the romantic in me wants Amy and Rory to find a happy resolution together and to not have their time-crossed love end quite as badly as Moffat’s words could be interpreted to allude to.  If it comes to forcibly separating them from the Doctor, I would prefer to have a ‘trap them in a parallel universe that the Doctor can’t ever go to’  tragedy rather than the ‘they’re both going to die alone, on opposite ends of time, trying to save Melody Pond’s life’ ending that  my pessimistic side can see on the cards.

I’d like to make a quick, public service-orientated request to Moffat so that the Internet doesn’t blow up at some point next year – don’t make River Song the Doctor’s ongoing companion.  I really couldn’t take all the fall-out from that idea.  She’s your invention, you really love her, I really dig her but the more vocal online fans won’t let you hear the end of that notion.  Not for a second.  Don’t do it!


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