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Doctor Who MMO? Go!

Even in animated form, bow ties are cool.

Honestly, if you stop to breathe for a second nowadays, the BBC announce another “Doctor Who” video game tie-in.  It’s banquet or famine, people – we’re through the looking-glass!

Today’s announcement is “Doctor Who: Worlds in Time”, which is even now (as you skim these words) in open beta online.

As you can see from the header, we’re looking at cute anime styling and a cartoon art style than will be unacceptable to many gamers – but my arbiter of these things, Mrs Rolling Eyeballs, is all over the aesthetic choices that the devs have made.

Check the game out at DoctorWhoWIT now…


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“Prometheus” – the trailer gets a trailer.

The Girl With The Funny Bubble Helmet? Image via AVP Spectrum.

This phenomenon has already besmirched the world of video games – now, movies are getting in on the act of having a teaser trailer for a teaser trailer.

That level of meta calls for gif-based commentary, wouldn’t you say?

Is this real life?

Yes, “Prometheus” hype commenced last night in earnest on Apple’s trailer page, with an initial trailer for a full trailer which arrives properly on Thursday.  I’m biting, obviously, as I’m writing this post and linking to the trailer but you do have to wonder what the thinking is behind treating a teaser (which is, after all, an advertisement) as though it’s a major pop cultural event worthy of an advertising campaign of its own.

Are we still in the van, or are we in the hotel now?  I admit, I’m confused.



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