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Sony’s PS Vita Euro launch brings games, derisive laughter…

Nathan Drake can outrun the criticism, but can Sony Computer Entertainment Europe?

Edge magazine’s website  has a story today about the European software line-up for the Spring 2012 launch of their PS Vita hand-held console and it makes for sobering reading.

As in, “I’m pretty sure that I’m sober and this press release says that Sony want to charge £44.99 for a 16GB memory card”.

Games are priced from £24.99 to £44.99 (Yep, “Uncharted: Golden Abyss” fetches a premium price, as you might expect) and memory cards start at £17.99 for a 4GB unit.

Have Sony followed the late Steve Jobs’ example and constructed their own reality distortion matrix which believes that gamers are going to pay those prices?   And they wonder why the mobile gaming audience has migrated to iPhone/iPod Touch gaming from the traditional Sony and Nintendo mobile game platforms?




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Vampires for Christmas…

Those lovely people at Screen Gems just keep on giving.  Well, ’tis the season and all that.

I'm going out on a hairy lycanthropic limb and saying that Selene's not on Team Jacob...

Not content with dropping the third trailer for this January’s fourth entry in the Kate Beckinsale PVC vamp franchise,  “Underworld: Awakening”  – which spends an awful lot of its runtime telling you that it’s in 3D, because it’s the law, now, apparently – the studio have also released a Kate Beckinsale-narrated trailer which brings you up to speed on the franchise’s highlights so far.

But oddly, Selene is kind of into were-folk when they look like Scott Speedman. Go figure.

Yes, there have been highlights, snarky internet haters.

Michael Sheen, classing up the joint all proper-like.

Sophia Myles, also offering a bit o' class.

Bill Nighy, whose very presence improves a film by 278.9% on average.

And those guys are just in the first film.

The “Underworld” movies have proper actors in them, don’t you know – and none of them give the impression that they’re slumming, which is pretty cool.  It’s one of the reasons that I like the series – I’m well aware that it’s noisy, derivative, B-horror fare and I’m pretty sure that the creators are, too.  There seems to be an implicit bargain between audience and film-makers that we’re going to enjoy this film and the universe it occurs in and not think too much about how silly it is – it’s a shame that critics haven’t joined the party, but you can’t have everything (where would you put it?).

So, there’s a new “Underworld” flick out in January and I’m kind of excited to see it.  Revelatory stuff from Fluffrick, once more.

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