“Terra Nova”? No thanks.

What if you had a great idea for a tv series and did nothing with it?

For me, the Steven Spielberg-produced “Terra Nova” is one of the most disappointing tv series of the last few years – it’s a prime example of having a great, compelling sci-fi idea and then irrationally deciding that the best thing to do with it is to ignore all of that complicated sci-fi guff and just tell uninteresting stories about the world’s dullest family and their inane soap opera relationships.

Over at Hijinks Ensue, Joel Watson has been thinking about the same series and has a few ideas on how to fix things…



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One response to ““Terra Nova”? No thanks.

  1. Geek Soul Brother

    Came across this post while perusing through blogs under ‘scifi’ category. I totally see what you’re talking about with the show. I’ve been hanging in there to watch it, but it hasn’t been easy. I did like the 2 hour finale. If they get a second season, I think it might go in more interesting directions.

    Your blog looks pretty interesting. I have to check out some more of your posts. Keep it up Brother.

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