When Customer Service Goes Wrong 2: Electric Boogaloo

Earlier in the year I told you about the Australian shop who chose to insult and belittle potential customers rather than assist them and encourage them to, you know, buy stuff.  We laughed about it and thought that nothing could top such an example of retail stupidity.

A concept apparently alien to shops these days...

Oh, how wrong we were.

Penny Arcade today runs down the sad tale of PA reader Dave and his travails with the PR representative for the Avenger video game controller company.

Not only does the PR guy – who might want to look for an alternate line of work, as his unique gifts don’t appear to fit with his current vocation – diss his customer’s legitimate complaint about a lack of contact and updates on his long-delayed order but he then rounds on PA when they tell him that his crappy attitude means that his outfit is not welcome at future PAX events.  Hilarity ensues.

In this perilous economy should companies really be acting in such a customer-alienating way?  Especially when your e-mail conversation is going to end up online on a site patronised largely by the client base that you which to attract?

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