And Eurogamer’s ‘Game Of The Year’ Is…

Whatever happened to the idea that games/movies/albums released earlier in the year where always forgotten about when the end of the year rolled around?

Eurogamer has announced their game of 2011 and it’s the critically adored and refreshingly popular “Portal 2”.

Great – another game that I need to go and play forthwith…



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2 responses to “And Eurogamer’s ‘Game Of The Year’ Is…

  1. What’s it about? It looks kinda lame just judging by the photo. Are you a robot, and do you have to keep going through portals/holes in the wall? LOL

  2. I’ve only played the original “Portal”, so I can’t speak to how the sequel integrates co-op, but the glorious, physics usage and mind-bending multi-dimensional mentalism of the original game suggests that co-op and portals are like coffee and cake – meant to go together.

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