Trailered – “Upside Down”

I have to confess – the trailer for this new film arrived as a complete surprise to me this morning.  It was not on my radar at all and now it absolutely has my attention.

Directed by Juan Diego Solanas and starring Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess, “Upside Down” appears to be a science fictional romance based around the idea of a literal social underclass, set in a world where gravity is rather askew.

A quick scan of Solanas’ IMDB page doesn’t yield much in the way of further information – this appears to be his first narrative feature and I can only hope that it isn’t following the lead of Andrew Niccol’s recent “In Time” by casting beautiful people and focussing on the eye candy rather than the more intriguing SF ideas underneath.

No release date as yet but this is one film that I’m going to keep a keen eye on…

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