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Lacuna Coil – “Dark Adrenaline” studio footage and preview clips

The best bands always look like a bit like gangs - discuss?

As I gear up for the release of Lacuna Coil’s new album “Dark Adrenaline” at the end of January, it’s always good to feed the inner music geek with fresh studio footage and gossip via Blabbermouth.

There’s also the third part of an online teaser video series up on YouTube – mini slasher movie, anybody?  Each released clip has been quite fun, with the second chapter – featuring singer Andrea getting his Count Orlok on – almost qualifying as suitable material for one of my “A Season of Vamps” posts.

The whole ‘metal/rock/vampire’ cross-over music video round-up has to be a winner and no mistake…



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“The Devil Inside” – found footage fiasco?

If you’re in the US and a fan of the ‘found footage’ horror sub genre,  there’s a decent chance that you might be heading out to see the latest shaky camcorded scarefest, “The Devil Inside” this weekend.

Herbal Essences, anyone?

By all accounts, you really shouldn’t.

Bad reviews are one thing – horror fans are used to seeing their genre trashed by mainstream critics – but this film would appear to be doing the unforgivable and blatantly cheating it’s audience.  SPOILER AHEAD.

Per the thread on NeoGaf’s ‘Off Topic’ forum, the film abruptly ends and directs the audience to a URL if they want to see the actual ending of the film.


If you find that notion as irritating as I do, I would suggest not giving these hucksters your cash – not that this will deter them from making an inevitable sequel, as the film cost around $1 million to make, made $2 million in midnight previews on Thursday and is on course to take in $25 million at the US box office this weekend.  That whole thing I posted the other day about studios making more low budget fare?  Yeah, we can forget all about that if this kind of crap is what the studios are going to try and pull.

Whilst I can’t fault the film makers for chutzpah, I can decry them for having such contempt for their audience.  There’s a difference between being a William Castle-style showman and just adopting cynical social media schtick to fleece teens of their allowance on a Friday night.



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Murray Gold, unplugged

Love “Doctor Who”?  Love the good Doctor’s musical stylings? Then you’ll be wanting to head over to YouTube to watch composer Murray Gold rock out a version of “I Am The Doctor” on his old Joanna.

Via Nerdist (and Reddit)

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