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Van Halen’s new “Tattoo”…

So, the flurry of ‘will they, won’t they?’ activity at the end of 2011 it appears that Van Halen are actually, definitely really going out once again to rock the collective faces off the faithful.

The new single, “Tattoo” is out as you read these words and is – you’ll be stunned to learn – a fricking classic Van Halen rocker.

No reinventing the wheel here, but would anybody really want them to?  Nope, but some European shows might be nice, Eddie…

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Starbuck to kick Riddick’s ass.

And so say we all...

In casting news apparently designed to increase the level of awesome in the universe by a factor of 237%, Deadline Hollywood today reports that Katee Sackhoff is in final negotiations to sign on as the female lead in the currently untitled “Riddick” movie.

Oh, hell yeah!

Spanish actor Jordi Molla  is also in talks to add to his rich back catalogue of bad guy roles – you might remember him being spectacularly over the top in “Bad Boys 2” as the wholly un-stereotypical drug dealer villain.

Production is due to get under way shortly after apparent money woes locked the production out of its Canadian facility at the end of 2011.  In related news, if it will help get this film made any more quickly, I have a bit of Amazon credit that Vin can gladly have…


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