Gloriously Gothic

The incomparable Noel Fielding, as cuddly goth Richmond in "The IT Crowd".

SFX has a lovely list of gloomily gorgeous genre goths today – happily, Vampire Willow from “Buffy” makes the cut, alongside the likes of Neil Gaiman’s gamine Death and old grumpy pants himself, Eric “The Crow” Draven.  It’s timed to coincide with the UK bow of season two of “Lost Girl”, which is a series that I’m sure I could enjoy it if not for the way that its British home, the SyFy channel, have marketed it.

UK SyFy's probably not-very-porn-like Canadian urban fantasy series, "Lost Girl"

I’m pretty sure that it’s not actually porn, but SyFy seem to feel that anything in genre with a female protagonist has to be marketed on sex alone and so we find ourselves at an impasse, it would seem – a potential viewer so unwilling to see past the channel’s ‘come hither’ ad come-ons that he won’t even give their plucky little import a chance.

Has any tv show’s advertising ever gone so drastically wrong that it managed to put you off watching it?  And if you did end up giving it a chance, was your gut instinct right or did the trailers do the programme you ended up loving a disservice?

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