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Sean Bean – The Drag Years

It's a look, certainly...pic via Twitchfilm.com

Given that this blog is being written in Sheffield, this picture positively begged to be posted.

Favourite son of the Steel City, Sean Bean, is pictured above in his role in the forthcoming BBC1 drama “Accused”, where he plays a cross-dressing teacher involved in a court case in the second series of the popular Jimmy McGovern-created courtroom series.

If ever there was a post where the picture was the thing and every thing textual was like so much window-dressing, it would be this one.

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Awesome, nerdy “Skyrim” shirt of the day…

Finally, an NSA we can all get behind...

Splendidly nerdy and sports-ball aping “Skyrim” t-shirt via Shirtoid.com and Fashionably Geek.

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“Avatar 2” in 2016?

At this rate, James Cameron’s kids are going to be directing the projects currently brewing in the Canadian sci-fi auteur’s brain.

Long-time collaborator and regular Cameron producer Jon Landau let slip to reporters during a London visit this week that the sequel to “Avatar” is probably four years away from cinemas – with an estimated December 2016 release on the cards.

A protracted delay for the technology to catch up to the ideas taking form in Cameron’s noggin might be a good thing – if he’s going to take a while getting the screenplay together, perhaps this might lead to a more original story for the sequels (inevitably enough, the box office bonanza of “Avatar” has now yielded a trilogy) and fewer complaints of “Dances With Smurfs”-style archetypes.

We can but dream.

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