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A Season of Vamps – “Dark Shadows”

I’m not sure how this latest Tim Burton/Johnny Depp Goth Bro-Fest is going to play out, but it at least looks like it has the possibility of being fun.

And when was the last time that you could say that?

I’ve not personally enjoyed a Depp/Burton collaboration since the glorious “Sleepy Hollow” back in 1999 – and I’m hoping that this gothic soap opera adaptation is rather more akin to that film’s loving appropriation of Hammer horror iconography and genuine scares than the pallid, ‘chuck some CG at the screen and see what sticks’ work that Burton’s been turning out for the last decade or so.

The seventies setting of “Dark Shadows” is an interesting choice (I imagine it must seem as far away as the 1880’s to younger audiences) and the cast is to die for, with Eva Green, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Lee, Alice Cooper, some dame called Helena Bonham Carter all rising from their graves in support of Depp’s curiously-hairstyled vampire playboy, Barnabas Collins.

Come on Tim – make a good film again.


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Axl Rose serves jury duty. No joke headline necessary.

Oh my giddy aunt – sometimes, the posts just write themselves.

Erstwhile Guns N’ Roses leader and mercurial sort Axl Rose has apparently been spending the last few days on jury duty in Santa Monica, California, according to People.com’s perhaps understandably anonymous source.

Given Axl’s near legendary inability to start a gig on time and prediliction for diva antics – I’m surprised he didn’t demand a different PA in the courtroom and tell the presiding judge that he wasn’t working out a few days into the trial – things appear to have gone remarkably smoothly.

Of course, as commendable as Axl’s devotion to the judicial process is, it’s not anywhere near as awesome as this nerdy shirt, which homages a certain band’s album cover and manages to be timey-wimey all at once…


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Phantom, menaced.

File this poster under ‘Not sure if wants’.

Empire today has the re-release posters for the forthcoming 3D re-release that nobody’s crying out for – “Star Wars: Episode One – The Phantom Menace”.

I confess that this is the instalment of the prequel “Star Wars” trilogy which I’ve seen least – I’m one of those fatally absurd souls who quite enjoyed “Attack of the Clones”, despite it’s shortcomings and “Revenge of the Sith”, to me at least, kicks a ridiculous amount of booty.  Perhaps it’s time for me to give the first prequel effort another chance – although a 3D makeover can’t really do much to improve what I remember beings a bizarrely episodic, disjointed story, with variable special effects and the digital character of whom we do not speak.

“The Phantom Menace” reissue is Mauling  your local 3D screen from February 10th, 2012.



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