Axl Rose serves jury duty. No joke headline necessary.

Oh my giddy aunt – sometimes, the posts just write themselves.

Erstwhile Guns N’ Roses leader and mercurial sort Axl Rose has apparently been spending the last few days on jury duty in Santa Monica, California, according to’s perhaps understandably anonymous source.

Given Axl’s near legendary inability to start a gig on time and prediliction for diva antics – I’m surprised he didn’t demand a different PA in the courtroom and tell the presiding judge that he wasn’t working out a few days into the trial – things appear to have gone remarkably smoothly.

Of course, as commendable as Axl’s devotion to the judicial process is, it’s not anywhere near as awesome as this nerdy shirt, which homages a certain band’s album cover and manages to be timey-wimey all at once…


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