Fluffrick’s iPod Shuffle Follies 2: The Quickening!

The initial post in this series went down pretty well first time around.  Either a lot of you are interested in music or utterly bewildered by the noise which occupies my iDevices.

With that in mind, these are the five tracks which randomly played when hitting ‘shuffle’ on dear old Poddy today:

(1) “Feeling Alive” Glamour of the Kill

They've got a thing for fringe...

They may look as though they’ve stepped out of a Sunset Strip rock club, but they’re from the less glamorous and  more historical city of York, in the north of England.   They’ve got the requisite post-Emo looks for the “Kerrang!” generation of rock fans and songs which harken back to vintage Motley Crue with more contemporary metalcore touches.  Love ’em.

(2) “A Different World” Iron Maiden

The second single from the metal legends’ 2006 album, “A Matter of Life & Death”.   If you like Iron Maiden, you’ll know how their sound had developed by this release to include a distinctive progressive rock influence alongside the galloping rhythms and soaring guitars which have long been their musical trademark.

(3) “Holy Diver”Dio

Throw your horns up for the late, great RJD

Ah, the late great Ronnie James.  Former singer for Black Sabbath after Ozzy departed for the first time and full-time rock legend.  If you’re not into rock and metal, you might best know him from his appearance in the Tenacious D movie “The Pick of Destiny”.  Ronnie James Dio passed away after fighting a battle against stomach cancer in 2010.  He was 67 years old.

(4) “Unchained”Lacuna Coil

Rocking out in binary colours, Lacuna Coil.

It’s fairly inevitable that something by the Italian maestros of melancholic metal might pop up in one of these shuffle sessions, as I’m more than a bit partial to their music – this is from their 2009 release, “Shallow Life”.

(5) “Love Will Set You Free” – Whitesnake

Ain't no love/in the heart of the outside promotional photo shoot...

Disgraceful, twinkly-eyed old reprobate David Coverdale and the latest line-up of his blues-influenced hard rockers released their latest album “Forevermore” last year and this was the first single from it.

An intriguing selection this time around – I’m not sure that Lacuna Coil transition smoothly into Whitesnake but that’s kind of how this series of posts works.  The Church of Rock?  ‘Tis an unpredictable thing and no mistake.

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