Microsoft SpaceBucks To Go Bye Bye?

Eurogamer reports today that Microsoft are preparing to phase out their unloved virtual currency, Microsoft Points, by the end of 2012.

Microsoft Points - good riddance?

Moving instead to payment based on regional currency in the territories where Xbox Live, Zune Marketplace and similar MS platforms now operate, this development might well bring a song to the heart of any bleary-eyed gamer at 2:00am who can barely work out how to stand unaided let alone negotiate the confusing territory of the computing giant’s virtual money and it’s idiosyncracies.

80 points equals One British pound does it?  Not for much longer, if a report first published by Inside Mobile Apps is to be believed (I read it mostly for the riveting coverage of proactive synergies in the hand-held market space, don’t you know?).

I’m sure that this will be an entirely positive development and not just an excuse for prices to climb astronomically based on the price of the dollar against the pound and vice versa – because Microsoft wouldn’t dream of doing anything like that, of course…

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