“Avengers” Superbowl trailer tease


Because I’m that much of a Joss Whedon fanboy and can’t wait to see “The Avengers” movie, here’s a blink and miss it tease of the trailer which will play during some sportsball-based event or other this weekend.

As I’m going to be on holiday on next week, I may not get the chance to see the full trailer for a while but this indicates that all of my superhero-related needs are going to be met in full.

Avengers Assembling? Check.  Lots of things being needlessly blown up whilst panicked office workers run away from them and try not to look into the camera?  Check.  A kooky, ‘dutched’ angle of ScarJo apparently included solely to reduce my compadre D-X into a pool of lovesick, watery whimsy, “Amelie”-style?  Check-a-mundo.

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02/01/2012 · 4:50 pm

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