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Download festival 2012 gets MORE bands!

At this rate, the other summer Rock festivals should call it a day.

Download, which already has the likes of Metallica, The Prodigy, Black Sabbath (Although…), Chase & Status, Biffy Clyro, Soundgarden, Machine Head, Tenacious D, You Me At Six, Devin Townsend Project, the reformed Little Angels and Trivium playing have announced another 14 heavy hitters.

How do Megadeth, Slash & Myles Kennedy, Black Label Society, Kyuss Lives!, the mighty Steel Panther, As I Lay Dying, Billy Talent, Rise Against, Fear Factory, Five Finger Death Punch, Terrorvision, Periphery, Ginger Wildheart and gloriously retro Swedish glamsters, Reckless Love grab you?

Slash. His heart defibrillator kicks in during a gig, on the first page of his autobiography. It's that kind of book...

Not to be uncharitable, but are there any bands worth signing for the likes of Sonisphere, V Festival and Reading?  If I didn’t have an entirely justified fear of tents, camping, festival camp grounds and the great outdoors, I’d be all over Download tickets…



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The 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World

Flavorwire » The 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World.


More glorious centres of book worship at the link.  In related news, how much is a ticket to Maastricht?


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“G.I. Joe: Retaliation” looks…quite fun?

Nobody could ever call me a movie snob – witness my “Underworld”, “Resident Evil” and Paul Anderson fandom – but even I drew the line at the first “G.I. Joe” film.

Family-friendly action shenanigans or fetish-tastic farrago?

For reasons which I can’t quite pin-point, this action franchise wannabe induced such a wave of apathy in me that I couldn’t get past the first twenty minutes.   The action was dull, the characters barely existed – being based on a toy line, I guess that’s not exactly a surprise – and even the presence of the reliably awesome Joseph Gordon Levitt didn’t make me want to continue watching.

It was with some surprise, then, that I have viewed the Super Bowl trailer for the forthcoming “G.I. Joe – Retaliation” sequel and not thrown up in my mouth.

I know, I know – weirdsville.

Perhaps it’s the presence of Dwayne Johnson, whose charm and imposing presence deserves an actual movie franchise that he can dominate in the same way that he bestrode the utterly preposterous and absolutely glorious “Fast Five”?  He may be one of those rare movie stars whose charisma is such that they be in any old dreck and somehow render it broadly watchable purely by force of personality.

Yes, I have a man-crush on The Rock. What of it?

There’s something about the Ninja aspect of things – whose heart doesn’t sing at the sight of primary coloured practitioners of the Japanese martial art giving each other a good old shoeing whilst rappelling down the side of a mountain?

Climb every mountain/kick every Ninja's ass...

As if to put the cherry on top of the proverbial chocolate cake, then this guy shows up to make the whole thing even more of a delight…

"And that's what you get for being Ashton Kutcher!"

I don’t mind telling you – it’s going to be a right old turn up for the books being the only forty-something guy in the theatre who isn’t reliving his “G.I. Joe” action figure battles playing out on screen when this opens in the summer…

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“Watchmen” gets Moore-less prequels.


If you saw the 2009 Zack Snyder adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ graphic novel “Watchmen”, you could be forgiven for wondering what the fuss was about.

Whilst entirely reverent and handsomely constructed, the essential flaw bedevilling the film was its insistence on treating the Moore/Gibbons book as a sacred text.  Faithful, yes but hardly allowing the film to say anything beyond what Moore did in his original comics scripts – and by the time that it came out, we had seen nearly two decades worth of films, TV and comics influenced by “Watchmen”, so the movie adaptation became a best intentioned, earnest ‘Me, too’ effort.

If we didn’t really need an adaptation of “Watchmen”, do we need DC’s newly confirmed sequence of prequel comics?

There’s an array of talent involved – I’m intrigued by the prospect of Darwyn Cooke and Amanda Conner’s take on the Silk Spectre – but it’s impossible not to feel that this can’t ever be more than a diverting curio rather than a work which can be as ground-breaking as “Watchmen” was, particularly as the various writing and art teams are putting together mini-series based around the core characters rather than presenting an equivalently sized, novelistic piece as Gibbons and Moore did.

I’m pretty sure that anybody with an interest in comics will feel compelled to take a look at the “Watchmen” prequels but I’m wondering if there’s any point in revisiting the universe without Moore being involved and Gibbons drawing it – and as Alan Moore is more likely to front a Simon Cowell-created boy band than ever work for DC Comics again, there’s no chance of that happening.

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