New “Amazing Spider-Man” trailer brings the action

I will confess that the forthcoming Marc Webb superhero reboot, “The Amazing Spider-Man”, hasn’t been on my radar up to this point.


After Sam Raimi’s mediocre third “Spider-Man” film came and went, I felt sure that Sony would give the series a rest for a few years and perhaps come back to the table armed with a few new ideas and perhaps have the courage to play with aspects of the comics as yet undepicted on-screen – the “2099” era seems tailor-made for interpretation on the big screen, in that respect.

New costume, new actor, same hero
Of course, that hasn’t happened and we’ve now got a new trailer for this summer’s “The Amazing Spider-Man”, as helmed by the oh-so-appropriately named Marc Webb, who also made “500 Days of Summer” and seems at first glance to be an intriguingly off-beat choice to helm a massive summer comic book franchise – from quirky, time-juggling romantic comedy to $200 million plus 3D juggernaut in no time at all.
On the evidence of this first trailer, though, Webb seems to have brought his skill in working with younger actors to bear and seems equally comfortable with the balance of action sequences, effects work, romance, comedy and 3D technology which a movie like this calls for.
“The Amazing Spider-Man” opens worldwide from late June (you lucky Kiwis!) this year.

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