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Deftones’ Chi Cheng’s condition improves.

If you follow heavy music at all, there’s a good chance that you’ll be familiar with the Deftones.

Ah, the Deftones, how do I love thee? Lots, mate.

Having survived association with the Nu-Metal era by, well, not being one-trick (white) ponies, the Deftones have managed to make compelling music since the mid-1990s by eschewing affiliation with scenes and trends, resolutely following their own path and holding onto a following even as the bands considered their peers – the likes of Linkin Park, Korn and Limp Bizkit  – have fallen into bland stadium irrelevance, near obscurity and apparent obsolescence respectively.

Now there's a fellow after my heart - keep fighting the good fight, Chi.

Even founding member and bassist Chi Cheng’s 2008 car crash and subsequent coma hospitalization hasn’t stopped the band from continuing – and news reaches us today that Cheng is beginning to make welcome progress in his recovery – he’s responding to requests to move his legs.

Obviously, recovering from any traumatic injury is a fraught and lengthy process with setbacks to deal with as well as minor victories to celebrate, but this news has properly cheered me up today and I can only hope that I’m updating more news on his recovery in the weeks and months and years to come.

If you want to keep up the latest news about Chi or want to donate money towards his medical expenses, you can find more information at the OneLoveForChi site.


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“The Wolverine” gets a release date.

Wolverine's drive-clearing technique required work.

Things are moving apace on Fox’s next “X-Men” spin-off, “The Wolverine”.

Den of Geek reports that the studio has set a July 26th 2013 date for the sequel to 2009’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, which is now being directed by “Walk the Line”/“Knight & Day” helmer James Mangold, previous director Darren Aronofsky having gone to his biblical Noah project:  Never one who’s afraid to mix things up, our Darren.

Now, THAT's how you take down a chopper...

My own misgivings on the first “Wolverine” spin-off being reasonably clear to guess, let me put in a quick mention for the tie-in game developed by Raven software, which was rather better than you might expect and is definitely worth a play through on PS3, 360 and PC if you can find a cheap copy – the 360 version retails for around £13-14 new in the UK, barely over a fiver if you’re buying it used.  I can only imagine that it’s a similar price in the US.

And it’s a way better use of your time than the original movie – bloody, visceral and more expansive in terms of story telling if not game play.

So, what I’m essentially saying is that Fox should jump hire Raven to make another Wolverine game and dump the twenty to thirty million into that enterprise rather than shelling out over $100 million on a crapshoot of a movie?  Seems about right.


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