“Star Wars: Episode One – The Phantom Menace” – 3D or not 3D?

Man, it almost looks like a good movie when you see that poster...

So, the re-release of “Star Wars: Episode One – The Phantom Menace” is nearly with us and comes with fashionable 3D for maximum generational division down the old multiplex.

The kids will love it – anybody born in the seventies will very possibly see it as a work of pure evil and the general populace will probably not let it bother them for a second.

Behold - a marvel of effects, sound and editing!

This review of the new 3D re-release at Den of Geek gave me pause – are we being too hard on what was always intended as a kid’s movie?   Is our relationship and feeling of ownership over the original trilogy blinding us the merits of the prequels?

I’ve previously come out of the closet and admitted to enjoying the other two prequels, even with the obvious flaws like Hayden Christensen’s work as Anakin – he’s done good work in other movies, so I really don’t think that the problem with the emo, proto-Vader is all down to him.  He’s not the one who wrote all that guff about sand, coarseness and Padme – so the prospect of those flicks getting a digital nip-and-tuck has me more psyched than the prospect of seeing Jar Jar effing Binks stereotype his merry Gungan way across the screen.

Jedi. Bad. Assery.

So, to view – or not to view?  Do I take one for the nerdy team just to ‘enjoy’ the first prequel movie on the big screen again? If nothing else, there’s some awesome sound mixing action to check out – but that’s not really enough of a reason to pay the 3D premium, armed with the foreknowledge that you’re really not going to dig the movie that you’ve paid to see.

It’s the equivalent, really, of having to eat your greens when you really fancy cutting straight to the more attractive dessert also on offer…




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