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The Most Awesome Thing I’ve Seen All Day…

Clearly, the good people at comics company IDW are attempting to throw Mrs Rolling Eyeballs into a state of pure nerd joy.

Let the squeeing commence:

Via Bleeding Cool.com

Yep, that’s the Doctor, The Boy Who Waited and Come Along Pond on the Enterprise’s bridge in IDW’s “Star Trek: TNG”/”Doctor Who” crossover, which is due to be published in May.

Cross-overs in genre can be a dicey business, satisfying fans of neither franchise and irritating some fans who don’t care for characters that they have no interest in taking over the book that they love. ¬† In this case, IDW need not worry, as my lovely delightful one¬†adores pretty much every incarnation of “Trek” – even “Enterprise”and “Doctor Who” equally (she’s a Peter Davison fan, FYI), so this is pretty much her brand of geeky catnip.

Time for a visit to the local comics shop later this Spring, wouldn’t you say?

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