The Most Awesome Thing I’ve Seen All Day…

Clearly, the good people at comics company IDW are attempting to throw Mrs Rolling Eyeballs into a state of pure nerd joy.

Let the squeeing commence:

Via Bleeding

Yep, that’s the Doctor, The Boy Who Waited and Come Along Pond on the Enterprise’s bridge in IDW’s “Star Trek: TNG”/”Doctor Who” crossover, which is due to be published in May.

Cross-overs in genre can be a dicey business, satisfying fans of neither franchise and irritating some fans who don’t care for characters that they have no interest in taking over the book that they love.   In this case, IDW need not worry, as my lovely delightful one adores pretty much every incarnation of “Trek” – even “Enterprise”and “Doctor Who” equally (she’s a Peter Davison fan, FYI), so this is pretty much her brand of geeky catnip.

Time for a visit to the local comics shop later this Spring, wouldn’t you say?

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