My IMAX is bigger than your IMAX…

Immersive enough for you?

Just as I thought that it was pretty neat that Sheffield would be getting one of those LieMax (NSFW language at link) screens in my local Cineplex – not proper IMAX, but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick – those blessed Australians have only gone and made our soon-come big screen look like an old school portable TV.

Sydney’s IMAX operators have only gone and refurbished what is the world’s biggest IMAX screen – 97 feet tall and 117 feet wide  – with a re-opening date scheduled for 18th February.

Imagine watching the likes of “The Hobbit” or “Avatar 2” in 3D on that puppy – the phrase ‘brain-melting nerdery’ comes to mind.

Why not watch this ZD.Net video on the makeover process and go “Squee!” a few times?



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