A Season of Vamps: “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter”

Oh, hell yes...

To watch the newly-released teaser trailer for “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter” is to encounter a film which has apparently been made with a very specific demographic in mind.


The things which this movie appears to deliver are numerous.  I love me some Timur Bekmambetov – his deranged mind previously brought you “Night Watch”, “Day Watch” and “Wanted”.  There’s plenty of vampires, as the title would have you believe – no false advertising here.  We’ve got a train-track full of anachronistic absurdity, fashion models acting, over-cranked slow motion and bonkers action sequences apparently dreamt up after a pre-sleep cheese supper and far too much espresso the morning afterwards.

I’m particularly fond of the bit with Abe having a dust up on horseback in the middle of a stampede.  Ripped from the history books, so it is.

Of course, by the same token, if some utterly hatstand visionary young turk were to dream up “Margaret Thatcher – Werewolf Smasher” and cast Emily Blunt as the Grantham Grappler, I’d have to watch the shizz out of that project, too.

Funny how a still from "The Wolfman" just works for my harebrained horror mash-ups, huh?



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