“Mass Effect 3” demo is THIS close…

I'm Commander Shepard and I'm about to cap your ass...

Despite my previously documented love – nay, lust – for Bioware’s “Mass Effect” series of sci-fi role-playing action games, I resisted the temptation at the weekend to follow NeoGaf’s handy-dandy workaround for getting early demo access (this would have involved me registering fake details on a US website and generally being a naughty boy – I can wait for the 14th of February, when the demo properly drops onto Xbox Live) and wait with gamers all around the world for a chance to get back into the “Mass Effect” swing of things.

As I chew my fingernails, try to remember which button triggers my infiltrator’s shield and toy with the idea of penning bad fan fiction (“Tali’Zorah vas Neema quietly went about her rounds in the Normandy’s engine room and frowned slightly within her encounter suit, tapping absently at her data slate and its momentarily puzzling readings.  She wondered why the machines down here were still much easier to relate to than Commander Shepard,her crew mates and the strange Alliance culture she now found herself living with” – it’s a work in progress, people, a work in progress…), why not join me in taking a look at Eurogamer’s video of the first twenty minutes of the demo?


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