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Delain – new album chat online…

Delain. Dutch as a very Dutch thing. Which is high praise in my book.

Dutch symphonic metallurgists Delain have a new album – “We Are The Others” – waiting in the wings for release later this year and have a UK tour lined up in the spring, with a Sheffield date pencilled in to boot.

It’s almost as if they want me to go, isn’t it?

Delain’s front woman Charlotte Wessels has chatted with Metal Hammer’s website about the album and about the part that the late Sophie Lancaster played in inspiring the record’s subject matter.

Sophie Lancaster, killed because she dressed differently.

If you’re not familiar with Sophie’s name, you should probably check out the Sophie Lancaster Foundation’s website and get a sense of why her name and the tragic events which took her life are such an emotional subject for fans of metal, alternative and rock music.  I’m not sure that the anti-chav sentiment which enters any conversation about the late Ms Lancaster helps much, but I can appreciate why people feel that way.

Back to Delain, then – surprisingly, there’s no evidence whatsoever that this cheery band of Dutch symphonic melodicists have added a Blackened Metal aspect to their sound, nor are there any Dubstep-inspired bass drops to be heard anywhere –  funny, that.

From the snippets heard in the video, the chunky riffs are still there, everything’s reassuringly unfashionable and European and that’s more than good enough for me.


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Big Brother is here and he’s Canadian

Oh, Canada – you’re supposed to be the reasonable ones.

In the Great White North’s continued efforts to be more right-wing than their North American neighbours, gorgeous pouting Canuck MP Vic Toews (that’s the sexy beast pictured above) has spearheaded a bill making its way through parliament there which would give law enforcement agencies added powers to spy on internet users without need for warrants, due process or any of that inconvenient law stuff.

His angle – because there had to be one – is that if you oppose his bill, you stand with child pornographers.

Yep, that would be the kind of reasoned response that one should expect from an elected official and definitely not an example of hysterical trolling from an unbalanced bully who shouts louder than you until you shut up and let him have his way.

And, of course, yet another example of a politician who uses the emotive subject of child abuse as a tactic to get heinous and unpleasant legislation railroaded into law by appealing to the worse instincts of voting parents – because, of course, those are the only people whose opinions count in society.  If you can scare those guys into voting for you by convincing them that there’s a paedophile hiding around every corner on every street, you can pretty much do anything you want….

Boing Boing has more – if I have any Canadian readers, please tell me that this guy’s regarded as a joke and not somebody likely to get this kind of heinous and freedom-eroding crap passed into law.


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Happy Valentine’s Day – here’s “Transformers 4” for you.

If you’re celebrating the Hallmark company’s favourite holiday of the year, I hope that it’s brought all of the joy and loveliness that you might reasonably hope for.

"So, Mike, you're sure Devastator's Junk is crucial to the scene, right?"

For me, it’s brought the not exactly welcome news that Michael Bay is going to direct another “Transformers” film, due for release in the summer of 2014.

And – intriguingly – it’s described as something of a reboot for the series, which presents the decidedly odd prospect of Bay going back to code and making a new start with a franchise he’s been already been instrumental in bringing to the screen (whatever you think of them, the film versions of the Transformers characters are absolutely torn from Bay’s id and his visual stamp is all over the movies).

So, is this a tacit admission that the movies have become more unwieldy, noisy and adolescent as they’ve gone along or just Bay getting to jettison any notion of subtlety, tact or taste and spraying the screen with as many explosions, models in cut-off shorts and urination gags as his highly paid writers can dream up (for shame, Ehren Kruger, for shame…)?

Whatever the case, before the entirely irresistable “T4” starts shooting, Bay will make his long-cherished black comedy, “Pain & Gain”, which is currently headlined by Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg and relates the no doubt delightful real-life tale of kidnap, torture and mayhem down Miami way, carried out in the oily and steroid-drenched world of body building.

And yet, no role for Dame Judi Dench in that film – who’d have thunk?


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