“Twisted Metal” to clown it up on big screen

Good, clean family fun. With chainsaws.

It’s a busy time for Sony’s venerable automobile combat video game franchise, “Twisted Metal”.

The first PS3 outing for this heady combination of grisly violence, clowns and effed-up cars is nearly with us – pesky censorship concerns in Europe mean that the game won’t be released until March, because adults need to be protected from grotesque clowns with guns – but news reaches us today that Sony’s film wing want to make a movie version.

One half of the Neveldine/Taylor hive mind, Brian Taylor is the man tasked with bringing bonkers action, freakish characters and utter mayhem to cinemas and he seems like a pretty good choice – his latest collaboration with kindred spirit Mark Neveldine is the Marvel sequel “Ghost Rider – Spirit of Vengeance” and they’ve previously brought you “Crank” (yay!) and “Gamer” (boo!).

A point of concern – didn’t we already enjoy this movie when it was called “Death Race”?


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