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Futuristic “Zorro”, anybody?

Some franchise reinventions you don’t see coming.

Post-apocalyptic, futuristic “Zorro” is one of them, as Fox have announced plans to make a post-apocalyptic (Dare we say dieselpunk?) adventure featuring the Mexican crusader.  Being not entirely up to speed with the character, I was unaware that there had been a recent reboot of the character in 2007 for an animated series “Zorro: Generation Z”, but this reboot seems to be going less like this:

I predict a less colour-saturated take on the Z-man from Fox...

If Fox have their way, this is going to look a bit more like the “Fallout” video games, given the post-apocalyptic setting apparently in use.


As is usually the case with such a reboot, there’s more than one project doing the rounds at the moment, with Sony Pictures looking to revisit the character, too – you may remember that the studio released the successful “The Mask of Zorro” back in 1998 with Antonio Banderas and a slightly less well-received sequel in 2005, “The Legend of Zorro”.

California needs me - I must go...

So, instead of Antonio suiting up again, we’re going to see Gael Garcia Bernal righting wrongs in a post-apocalyptic USA, which seems like a fun notion until you read in the project’s press release that the romantic matinée idol hero seems to be getting one of those regrettable ‘edgy’ make-overs which film producers insist on (as if to confirm once and for all that they have no ideas, only want to sell their movie to ADD-medicated 14-year-old boys and shouldn’t be left in charge of project development if it means that they come up with ‘ideas’ like transforming Zorro into a one-man killing machine).

Myself, I'd rather have a grinning Zorro than an Emo bad-ass wannabe...

I have a lot of time for Bernal and I hope that the initial premise for this movie isn’t necessarily what ends up being in screen in 2014 – the revenge-seeking vigilante concept is a little played-out at this point, isn’t it?

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Meet the new Del Boy

American readers probably won’t be familiar with the long-running and very popular BBC sitcom, “Only Fools and Horses”.

David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst as Del and Rodney in "Only Fools & Horses".

Suffice is to say that it was a long running sitcom which followed the adventures of the Trotters, a family always on the hunt for the perfect ‘get rich quick’ scheme and in some ways acutely parodied the 1980’s UK political obsession with entrepreneurs and the self-made businessman.

It’s an institution in the UK, albeit one that I’ve never really been able to embrace – give me “Blackadder” any day of the week – so I’m not as affronted by the notion of “Only Fools…” being remade in the US as many of my countrymen will be.

Your new Del Boy is John Leguizamo…

A bit better looking than David Jason, no?

Funny and probably more than capable of playing the hustling, deal-making part of the role but it remains to be seen whether the US remake will go for the pathos of the original or want to make things veer towards more comfortable, advertiser-friendly character comedy.

Deadline has more on this story – if you have any opinion on whether or not this is a good idea or an affront which must be stopped now, feel free to vent your spleen in the comments…


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